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Business Grade Hardware

TechTronic offers sales, service and support for a broad range of brands and models to meet your business computing infrastructure needs. The systems we sell and support are true business-grade hardware solutions, which has many advantages over typical consumer-grade hardware you'll find at electronics stores and online retailers.

Desktop Computers: We offer a range of desktop computer options, including all-in-one computers, small and micro form factor desktops, and traditional towers.

Laptop Computers: TechTronic offers a range of laptops, from thin, light, and portable, to mobile powerhouse workstations to meet the most demanding mobile computing needs. Our business-class laptops features long battery life, security, and durability.

Servers: We offer a range of servers, including tower servers and rack-mount servers, with options for virtual servers, cloud servers, and on-premise servers.

Apple Computers: TechTronic also offers sales, service and support for Apple computers, such as iMac desktops and MacBook laptops.

Mobile: We also sell and support mobile devices, including tablets such as iPads. We can also help support your employee personal iPhone and Android phones used for work.

Why You Need Business Grade Equipment

Reliability & Uptime
Enterprise-grade computers and servers are designed for heavy-duty usage, with high reliability and robustness, ensuring that businesses have minimal downtime, which is critical for businesses that operate 24/7.
Scalability & Flexibility
Enterprise-grade computers and servers offer scalability and flexibility, allowing businesses to expand and grow their computing needs over time. This means that businesses can upgrade and add new hardware and software components without having to completely replace their existing infrastructure.
Improved Performance
Business-grade systems are designed with powerful hardware and software components, which deliver a high level of performance and speed, making it possible for businesses to handle complex and demanding applications, such as databases and data analysis, with ease.

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Based in Millville, New Jersey
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Based in Millville, New Jersey
Voice & Text: 856•327•7999
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